Transition Into Fall | Summer Capsule

September 9, 2016

Summer to fall transition outfit / bridge & burn t-shirt, madewell skirt, and converse Summer to fall transition outfit / bridge & burn t-shirt, madewell skirt, and converse

How to make your summer capsule transition into fall / bridge & burn t-shirt, madewell skirt, and conversev

We’re officially in that transition period of chilly mornings, and afternoons warming up. The sun is still shining, but it could rain at any moment. I’m doing my best to soak up these final days of summer – it’s truly the season when I feel most alive, and most like myself, and I always miss it when it leaves. I’m a big baby about the cold weather (to me: anything under 70 qualifies as cold) so it’s time to start mixing up my summer capsule wardrobe to transition into fall.

A few weeks ago I discovered a rip in yet another pair of black skinny jeans, leaving me without my go-to closet staple. Although I’ll be replacing them as soon as I can (fall and winter without black skinnies? Not gonna happen.) it has forced me to be a little more creative with my summer capsule when I’m getting dressed. Recently, Bryce wrapped up his final day at his second job, and it was certainly worth a small celebration. Having nothing to eat or drink in the house, we walked over to our local McMenamin’s to grab a pint and a bite. Not wanting to wear my office clothes to a pub, I dug through my closet in search of something to wear.

You may have noticed I have a proclivity toward denim tops (jackets, vests, shirts of all sleeve lengths) which is why my black skinnies are so essential. Occasionally I’ll reach for denim-on-denim, but not this time. So, I reached for this green midi skirt, not worn nearly enough, paired it with my favorite comfy t-shirt and a denim jacket. To keep the casual vibe going, sneakers were an obvious choice. It turned out to be the perfect outfit for that transition into fall: not totally covered up, but still warm enough for chilly evenings.

Summer to fall transition outfit / bridge & burn t-shirt, madewell skirt, and converse

There’s a few reasons this skirt doesn’t get worn often enough. First, it’s silk which makes it feel rather precious. I can’t wear it around the dog or cat worried their nails will catch and shred it. Silk also soaks up grease stains like no one’s business, and being too lazy to take it to a dry cleaner, there’s a few faded marks from a dropped sandwich that I can’t seem to get out. It also wrinkles super easily, which you can see pretty clearly in these photos.

But, I bought it and need to get wear out of it. It’s a great piece and fits right in with my vibe. Though, I’m wondering if it has a long-term place in my closet. I only bought it this spring, but being as high-maintenance as it is, I just don’t wear it as often. The same can be said for a few of my other silk pieces as well like my Everlane sleeveless and square silk shirts (one with sweat stains :,( and the other with a pen mark that won’t budge). I really thought I could make them work, but now I’m not so sure.

How to make your summer capsule transition into fall / bridge & burn t-shirt, madewell skirt, and converse

Do you struggle with trying to make beautiful yet high-maintenance pieces work? How are you working with your summer wardrobe to transition into fall?

Outfit details: Bridge & Burn T-Shirt / H&M Jacket, old (similar) / Madewell Skirt (sold out, same skirt in a print) / Converse (similar ethical option)

Wild Travels // Bend, OR and Smith Rock

September 7, 2016

For the Labor Day weekend, we took off to Bend, OR once again. It’s become one of our favorite places to visit in Oregon. It feels like a totally different place than Portland, with all the same friendly people, and is only 3 hours away from our house. The drive out there is so beautiful. We always take Highway 26 out across Mt. Hood, then head south through Warm Springs and Madras. It’s amazing to watch the scenery change from lush, green, and damp to dry, rugged and warm. Despite my deep love for being by water, the dry climate of the inland northwest always has quite the call. We camped at Tumalo State Park, stopped into Bend proper, and visited Smith Rock on the way home.

We set up camp Saturday night, after a few minutes of rain and mild disappointment at choosing the bathroom site. B thought for sure we’d booked the site across the way, as we’d loved it the last time, but somehow mixed it up, and got the site smack in front of the restrooms. It wasn’t the end of the world, but having folks constantly walking around us, and the shine of the bright florescent lights at night wasn’t exactly welcome. Ah well, live and learn.

Crux Brewing // Bend, Oregon Crux Brewing // Bend, OregonOn Saturday, we headed into town early. It was very cold at night and I’d forgotten a beanie, so we swung into REI and gazed at the plethora of camping stuff. I needed to replace my old stretched out beanie anyway, so it worked out. After our bit of shopping, we headed over to Crux Brewing.

We’ve been trying to go to Crux for nearly two years now. Somehow, whenever we try to go it’s closed (they open later on Mondays, which is usually when we try to go). It was definitely worth the wait. The beers are good, of course, but the atmosphere was perfect. It was hovering just below 70 degrees that day, and we set up at on of the picnic tables on their sprawling lawn and settled in with a taster tray. We ordered Hawaiian food from one of the food trucks on site, decided to stay a while, and enjoyed another beer. We were able to bring the pup out with us, and just enjoy the sunshine and atmosphere. I got a sunburn listening to the live band.

Margaritas while camping yellow lab in the carBack at camp we certainly weren’t roughing it in the food & beverage department. After a hike through the day use area, and spying on a wedding, we snacked on cheese and salami while we mixed up margaritas and made steak tacos. We started our fire early, ate chocolate peanut butter cups and chatted until after dark.

Smith Rock // Terrebone, OR Smith Rock // Terrebone, ORThe next morning we woke up early, broke down camp, and headed the trek up north. We had one last stop: Smith Rock. I’d heard of it before and knew it was supposed to be a cool spot, and being just off the highway north of Redmond, there was no reason not to stop and check it out. We didn’t totally know what to expect, but what we found was absolutely breathtaking.

In the middle of the flatlands of Central Oregon is Smith Rock, this enormous area of rugged rock formations jutting into the sky, with the Crooked River running through. They are so much bigger in person than you imagine they would be. It’s a popular rock climbing destination, so we watched folks scale the peaks while we hiked around the area. I couldn’t stop snapping photos, they were just so beautiful! I’m always blown away by the beauty in this state.

Smith Rock // Terrebone, OR Smith Rock // Terrebone, OR Smith Rock // Terrebone, OR Smith Rock // Terrebone, OR Smith Rock // Terrebone, OR Smith Rock // Terrebone, OR

Though the camping season may be coming to an end, I’m hoping we’ll still get out for a few more adventures this fall and winter. B has actually just bought a camper, which means we can still get out in the chillier months. However, my next adventure will be a totally different kind: I’m headed to NYC for the first time next month with one of my best friends, and I can hardly wait. I find so much joy from just getting out of my normal routine and experiencing something new and different. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful state, and I’m constantly inspired by it.

Weekend Reading + A Little Announcement…

September 2, 2016

weekend links + a blog update

Yikes, I’ve been a bit MIA here this week, and I can’t lie: I foresee the blog being a little quiet over the coming weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I have a ton of content ideas and inspiration, but this past week I’ve just had no time, and once I’ve fallen off the wagon, I have a tough time getting back on. Also, I’ve decided on a name change, re-brand, and focus shift for this blog. My personal blogging journey has seen many changes over the years, and this is another one.

For a few months now I’ve felt like my blog hasn’t really reflected what I want it to be. This leaves me feeling less inspired overall, and I don’t like that! So, while it might seem a little crazy to go through all the pain of a new name/layout/url/etc. I feel like it’s the right move. I’ve had a name stuck in my head for weeks, and when I finally checked it out…it was available on every platform. Currently, I don’t have a consistent handle across platforms, so this was really exciting. It feels like a name I can grow and expand with over time, and really represents who I am.

So, it’s still a secret for now, but I can’t wait to hit the refresh button. Since it will be quite a bit of work to make the change, you’ll see a lighter posting schedule in September, but don’t you worry – I’m still working hard behind the scenes, as I love this community and want to see it grow!

In the meantime, a few things I loved reading this week…


+ The ten daily habits of clutter-free (and probably less-stressed) people. #2 is a game changer, if you stick with it.

+ Adidas is bringing manufacturing back to the US. (hip-hip-hooray!)

+ I hate, hate, hate buying bras, and my intimates drawer is looking pretty neglected because of it. Definitely going to use these tips for a better fitting bra next time I purchase.

+ Another sickening H&M story, if you haven’t already sworn off the brand.

+ I’m soooo not ready to bid adieu to summer, but Caroline has me feeling all sorts of excited for my fall wardrobe!


I hope y’all have a lovely Labor Day weekend! I’ll be camping in Bend, pretending summer isn’t ending ;)

Travel Vlog | A Weekend on The Oregon Coast

August 29, 2016

camping at the oregon coast

Last weekend we went to Astoria & the Oregon coast, and I’m so happy I was able to capture some video footage of our trip! It’s a new goal of mine to put together videos of all our trips. Travel, even small trips, just always makes me feel so good and happy. I feel like I forget so many of the little details and feelings so often, and a vlog is the perfect way to capture it all and return to it later.

While I grew up camping all the time in the summer, and its certainly the best season for it, it’s also when B is busiest at work, so this was actually our first trip out together this year! I feel so grateful that we live in a place where there are beautiful natural areas to visit and camp at within a couple hours of our house. The Oregon coast is just 2 hours away. It makes it so easy to get out explore when you’re able to camp – it’s much less expensive than hotels or other rentals, and so many more places are accessible this way. While I love visiting cities and foreign countries, it’s just not possible to do that all the time! Our camping adventures fill the void while we save up for bigger trips!

I hope you enjoy it! Here’s some of the trip details, if you’re curious…

Camped at Fort Stevens State Park.
Ate at Fort George Brewery in Astoria.
First beach: Fort Stevens State Park (Beach Access Parking Lot B, on the Clatsop Spit)
Second beach/bluff overlook: Gearhart Ocean State Park, off 10th Street
Last beach: Fort Stevens State Park (Wreck of Peter Iredale/Shipwreck Beach via 4×4 access)

How I Organize My Closet In A Small Home

August 26, 2016

org-closet Today I’m combining two topics all in one post: capsule wardrobes and small homes. As you’re probably aware, I have both of these, and it seems that having a more minimal wardrobe would make organizing your clothes a lot easier. In theory, yes, but in practice, not always. So, I’d like to share with you how I organize my closet, along with the rest of my clothes.

Our home is a single-story triplex built in the 1950s, with all the practicalities that come with that (read: almost none). As is typical with older homes, storage space is both limited and ill-placed. Our bedroom has one closet, that is fairly wide, but only a single 30″ door on the left side of it to access. This means that only 1/3 of the closet is easily accessible, the rest of it tucked behind the bedroom wall. Additionally our bedroom is tiny and we have a queen bed, leaving little space for dressers or other clothes storage.

Needless to say, I’ve had to get creative.

I’m surprised by this all the time, but B has more clothes than I do. His dresser is twice as big as mine and I’ve given him the bedroom closet. Between the clothes he’s required to wear for his job and the clothes he wears when he’s not working, it just adds up. At one point I thought I’d get rid of my dresser and just claim a drawer or two of his – no space, not happening.

So, where are my clothes? All over the place. Maybe this will help you get a sense of how to creatively store your clothes in a small space, or maybe it will just satiate that nosiness we all have. Anyway, this is how I organize my closet and clothes, no fancy garment racks in sight. (I have no space for a garment rack anyway.)

organizing your capsule wardrobe

In the closet

I keep my current capsule wardrobe in my closet. My closet is actually in the hallway, just outside our bedroom door, as it’s the only place that would work for easy access to my clothes. Except for my pants and shorts, my entire current wardrobe is kept in here. The way I organize my closet is pretty simple. On the far left, I keep my jackets and cardigans. Next are my dresses. After that, tops are organized from longest sleeve/heaviest weight to sleeveless/lightest weight, left to right. At the far right are my skirts and camisoles. I’ve almost always organized my closet from heaviest/longest to lightest/shortest and it’s what works best for me. The hangers don’t match. The white ones are cheap plastic Target hangers, and I recently picked up the wood ones from IKEA. I’ll probably slowly swap out the plastic ones for the wood IKEA ones, as I like those a lot more and it would be nice (and photogenic *wink*) if they all matched.

At the bottom of my closet are my shoes. I have a little wire rack previously used in our kitchen or bathroom to make some extra room. This is the most organized you’ll ever see my shoes. Unfortunately, most of the time they’re just thrown in there to organize your clothes and shoesHow to organize your clothesOn the top shelf I keep lesser worn shoes, or shoes I don’t want to get scuffed up on the floor. I also keep a box with scarfs and some extra accessories. On the inside of the closet door I’ve hung a full-length mirror, and a hook that was already there holds my favorite baseball cap (go Red Sox!) and my trusty bandana. I’ll likely change this out in the colder months.How to Organize Your Capsule Wardrobe

In my dresser

My dresser is in the corner of our bedroom, inconveniently located opposite of my side of the bed, as my side of the room is the only place B’s dresser fits. It’s a little ugly IKEA one (that is apparently recalled, so I may return it for a new one), but it works. In the top drawer I keep some tech items and personal belongings, as I no longer have a desk in the house. The middle drawer is where I keep bras, underwear and socks. They’re muddled together and unorganized. In the bottom drawer I keep my pants and shorts. I try to keep a stack of work pants, a stack of jeans and a stack of shorts separate, but it doesn’t always stay that organized. In the fall/winter, I’ll store my shorts away somewhere else.How I Organize My ClosetHow I Organize My Closet

Under the bed

I couldn’t get a photo of this, as it’s on the dark side of our bedroom. It’s not very photogenic anyway. We have an IKEA bed frame with four large drawers underneath. If I had to do it over I would not buy this bed, but we were living in a 400 sq. ft. apartment with only one closet when we bought it, so we needed the storage. On B’s side we have a drawer with luggage. On my side, I keep two drawers of clothes. One drawer holds my sweats, camping/get dirty clothes and workout type clothes. I’ve pared down this collection a lot but it still takes up a giant drawer, since sweatshirts naturally eat up a lot of space.

In the other drawer, I store off-season clothes that can’t be hung. Currently, my fall/winter sweaters and scarfs are in there. I’ll put my summer tanks and shorts in there in a month or two.


Other closets

While B has claim over the bedroom closet, I do store some items in there. At the back of the closet, I have my off-season clothes and nicer dresses hung up. I also have a few shoe boxes on the top shelf with my off-season or less frequently worn shoes stored. We also have a closet in our living room (which is terribly placed in the middle of a wall) that I keep my outerwear in.

How I Organize My Closet

Phew, so I think that about covers how I organize my closet. It’s certainly not perfect, and I’d love if I could keep all my clothes in my bedroom, but it’s just not an option right now. How do you organize your clothes? Do you separate a capsule or seasonal clothes or keep them all together? I’ve always been fascinated by organization (though I’m not very good at it), so I’d love to hear!