Spring Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration + Thoughts

It’s that time…planning for my spring capsule wardrobe! I’ve been filling out my capsule wardrobe planner and scouring Pinterest for inspiration. So far, I’ve got a color palette, and some ideas about what I’ll be doing differently, or better, this time around. Today I’d like to share these thoughts and ideas with y’all, and hopefully hear any helpful input you have as I move into capsule number two!

spring capsule wardrobe inspiration / photo via a pair and a spare

For my spring capsule wardrobe, it started with better analyzing how I spend my time. As much as I hate to admit it, I do spend the majority of my week at work, in work clothes, and another large chunk at home in lounge clothes. The slice of pie that is casual wear is smaller than I’d like, because cool, casual clothes are my fave, but that’s what my life is right now and I’m embracing it. So, this season’s capsule I’m focusing more on pieces I can wear to work. If they double as weekend wear, even better! I will say that at this stage in my life I’m still building up my collection of basics, but I’m taking my time as I try to invest in good pieces that will last.

Next up, color scheme. For the most part, I dress very neutral but wanted to lighten it up a bit for spring. My two most worn colors by far are black + grey which are season-less and neutral, so I don’t include them in my color schemes. White could probably fall in that category too, but I’ve included it this time.

Beyond black, white and grey, I thought about what colors I feel best in and am drawn to and chose the ones that I felt could mix and match the best. My final color scheme: white, denim (it’s a color!), cognac leather, blush pink, olive green, and navy (specifically stripes). I gave myself permission to be a little loose here with the definition of a color scheme, like including a pattern, and I love what I came up with. It’s versatile, simple and so me. When I shop, my pieces should fit in this color scheme.

Spring capsule wardrobe color scheme

I’ve bought one piece for my spring capsule wardrobe so far, and have a list of what else I’d like to pick up. Here are a few things I’m doing for this season’s capsule:

  • Shop ethically and sustainable. Not that I’d never heard it all before, but Andrea’s blog in particular really showed me the importance of buying clothes that are ethically made. I have a lot to say on this, that I’ll save for another post. I will say that I hope to buy all ethically-made, however I am giving myself grace to buy from a traditional retailer if I need something and can’t find it elsewhere or within my budget.
  • Only purchase 5-6 items. I’m lucky that I have a little more money than I have in the past to spend on my wardrobe, but I’d still like to keep additions minimal to focus on wanting less. However, my wardrobe is at the bare minimum and there are items I do need.
  • Focus on work wear. I might be separating my wardrobe into two capsules: work + weekend. Fortunately my work isn’t too formal, so several of my pieces can serve for both weekend and work. However, work is when I notice a lack in my wardrobe so I want to address that, and I’m trying to work out the best way to do it.
  • Buy only what looks and feels fantastic. Even with my winter capsule I feel that I bought a few pieces a little too quickly and should have put a bit more thought into how they felt and fit, rather than if they fit the style I was looking for. I’d like to focus on clothes that make me feel great so I don’t feel a need for more.
  • Remember I can buy again for summer. There’s some items I want now, but I am reminding myself that they can wait till summer. I’m an impatient person, so this is a work in progress.

That’s it! I post some style inspiration on Pinterest, but a lot of my inspiration comes from what I see on women around Portland. I’m so grateful to live in this fun and inspiring city. Anyone else planning their spring capsule wardrobe or have faced any of these issues with their wardrobes in the past? I’d love to hear.

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top photo via geneva vanderzeil

  • I am right there with you when it comes to my work wardrobe. My office has a “casual-polished” dress code, but those can sometimes be the hardest to navigate! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    • Definitely the hardest balance to strike! I am constantly working to find the line between too casual and too dressy. I’ve found the most success in keeping to really simple outfits, and repeating somewhat of an outfit. Definitely more posts to come regarding this!

  • Oh Stacy, I’m so humbled to have inspired you to consider shopping ethically. This really makes my day! Thank you!

    I spend far too much of my time in casual wear and often wish I had ‘work’ to dress up for. The grass always seems to be greener.

    And YES! I find endless sartorial inspiration on the streets of Portland. Aren’t we lucky to call this place home?

    • You’ve certainly made quite the argument for it! It’s a big switch to make, but little by little I’m moving in that direction!
      Portland is such an inspiring place, and I feel so lucky to live here! Thanks for your sweet comment!